Fir Laser Therapy: Far-infrared Radiation for Pain Management

Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) is a therapy that uses light waves on the electromagnetic spectrum. The power and dosage of the electromagnetic waves, which include far infrared waves, must be controlled. This is because they must fall within a specific range on the spectrum to avoid overexposure.

Studies have shown that infrared light contains healing properties. FIR therapy is simple and painless. Thus, doctors can use it effectively for pain management.


Thermal radiation describes a band of energy often used to treat certain conditions and discomforts. With improved technology, pure far-infrared radiation can be delivered effectively for improved benefits.

Infrared light is useful in managing acute or chronic pain. The light is delivered to the site of the body that has injuries. Infrared light helps in cell regeneration or repair. It also helps to improve blood circulation, promoting faster healing.


Technology allows the creation of special fibers or diodes that emit pure, non-harmful far infrared radiation. The radiation is delivered through the skin in a safe, effective, and controlled manner. This allows patients suffering from pain resulting from injury to experience relief while also hastening recovery.

The radiation therapy involves the use of an FIR heating pad. This works to provide safe and controlled treatment. A heating pad is suitable for home use as part of a therapy program that includes chiropractic and physical therapy.


The heating pad contains special light wave-producing diodes. The system provides heating to the injured tissues, such as strains, pulled muscles, sprains, and herniated discs. The heating pad penetrates deep under the skin to heal the source of the injury. This happens at a much lower surface temperature than regular heating pads.

Most electric heating pads heat the skin layer without penetrating deeper into the muscles, and they usually produce high temperatures. The FIR heating pad is safe on the skin, reducing the risk of skin burns with long-lasting results.


FIR is useful in treating several conditions successfully. The heating pads are safe and effective for use with many medical conditions. FIR is useful in treating pain, such as low back pain, neck pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, and knee pain.

The therapy also helps with strains and sprains, tendonitis, sciatica, neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, RSD, herniated disc pain, and bursitis. Indeed, several studies have proven the effectiveness of FIR.


A licensed practitioner will need to evaluate each patient before using the therapy. A doctor will prescribe an FIR heating pad while also providing precautions. The precautions are generally those that apply when using the heating treatment on specific areas of the body. The light energy emitted by the FIR heating pad is safe and does not pose any risk to eyesight.

Apart from pain relief, infrared therapy offers benefits that reduce inflammation and restore function to the injured body part. Talk to a specialist about this drug-free and durable treatment option.

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